Wakaine Matt Append Boxart

Wakaine Matt Append Romanian

Wakaine Matt Append software for the UTAU engine. Going to be released in winter 2013 or early 2014


Update on the RV 01 Matt Append Package. Will contain 4 banks.

On 13 December it was confirmed that there will be 4 banks in total: Dark, Strong, Sweet and Whisper. Also, the production is at 75% at the moment.

On 15 December, a new Append was added. The Young Append will allow Matt to get a child's voice and sing in higer.

His Append package was delayed because of the winter holiday season. He will be released in 2014 alongside the 2014 production line.

Voicebank LibraryEdit

9Individual VoicesEdit

Offers a sweet and light hearted tone of voice. Lowest quality of all Appends. Can reach high notes easier

Range: C#3~F#4
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, French, J-Pop

Offers a whispery and soft sounding voice. Flags: Y100.

Range: B2-E4
Language: Japanese
Genre: French, Ambient, Ballad

Offers a strong tone with good suport for longer notes. Has strong and powerfull consonants. Resambles the RV 01 Matt ACT2 3.0 bank in tone somehow.

Range: B2-F4
Language: Japanese
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Pop-Rock, Dance

Offers a darkish tone of voice. Is very similar to yhe Clasic bank

Range: F2~D4
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Jazz, Rock




Past ReleasesEdit

Sweet tone of voice. Equivalent: Wakaine Matt Sweet

Powerfull voice. Equivalent: Wakaine Matt Strong

Whispery voice. Equivalent: Wakaine Matt Whisper

Closed and darkish voice. Equivalent: Wakaine Matt Dark