Wakaine Matt Append Romanian


Formerly named RV 01 Matt, the bank Wakaine Matt banks were anounced in 2013. It was confirmed to be one package of 3 vocals firstly.

In November 2013 it was anounced to be more releses, as the Clasic bank to be released alone and the Appends, English and Romanian separatelly.

On 30 November 2013, Wakaine Matt was officially released. This release contains the Japanese Clasic and English banks.

Voicebank LibraryEdit

Individual VoicesEdit

Offers a clasic and young sounding voice. He uses a thrilled "R" which gives him a more Romanian accent.

Range: G2-D#4
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, J-Pop

It will allow Matt to create better English results than using the Japanese banks. Has a British-American Accent and the tone of voice is between Clasic and Strong.

Range: A2-E4
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Electronic, Dance




Past ReleasesEdit

First bank availible. Ofered a whispery voice.

Update on the fist bank. Second release of this bank was ACT2 3.0

English bank to work in junction with ACT1

Came with 4 banks: Power, Sweet, Dark and Native. Banks made from performance and some emotion.