Seijuku Shitane Erik  software for the UTAU engine.


Formerly named RV 03 Erik, the bank Seijuku Shitane Erik banks were anounced in 2013. It was confirmed to be one package of 4 vocals firstly.

In August 2013 only the Clasic bank was finaly confirmed as finalized. The other banks are still under construction.

In December 2013, an English version was announced, while the Power and Whisper were dropped. January 2014 was a release date given.

Voicebank LibraryEdit

Individual VoicesEdit

Offers a flat and mature sounding voice. He uses a thrilled "R" which gives him a more Romanian accent.

Range: F2-D4
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, J-Pop, Pop Ballad

Allows Erik to reproduce English.

Range: Unknown
Language: English
Genre: Pop, Rock, Rock Ballad, Ballad



Demo not availible.


Past banksEdit

Offers a natural tone of voice.


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