Kawaine Teo software for the UTAU engine.


Formerly named RV 02 Teo, the bank Kawaine Teo banks were anounced in 2013. It was confirmed to be one package of 4 vocals firstly.

In August 2013 they were retreated for voice cahanging and improvements. She will mostly be released in the end of 2013 or in 2014

Voicebank LibraryEdit

Individual VoicesEdit

Offers a clasic and young sounding voice. She uses a thrilled "R" which gives him a more Romanian accent.

Range: Unknown
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop, Pop-Rock, J-Pop



Demo not availible.


Past banksEdit

Offers a native tone of voice.

Offers a whispery voice.

Offers a powerfull tone of voice.

Offers a sweet tone of voice.



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