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Template:Index Policies This is a infobox template. Infoboxes are fixed-format tables designed to be added to the top right-hand corner of articles to consistently present a summary of the article content. See also, {{Infobox}}.


{{Infobox voicebank
|vcolor = 
|logo = |logo size = 
|name = 
|company = 
|initial release = 
|stable release  = 
|price =
|status   = In development, Inactive, etc. 
|osystem  = Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc.
|language = 
|license  = Proprietary, Freeware, General Public License, etc.
|tempo = 
|range = 
|genre = 
|type  = Product information
|voicebanks = Used in case of additions and upgrades.
|website    = }}

/* Language parameter */

Eng flag = English, english, Eng, eng, En, En, en
Jpn flag = Japanese, japanese, Jap, jap, Jp, JP, jp
Kor flag = Korean, korean, Kor, kor, Kr, KR, kr
Esp flag = Spanish, spanish, Spa, spa, Sp, SP, sp
Chn flag = Chinese, chinese, Chi, chi, Ch, CH, ch

Jpn/Eng flag = Bilingual
Kor/Jpn flag = Bilingual*
Eng/Jpn flag = Bilingual>

Display parametersEdit

  • |color = ; color: (custom color by default)
  • |hideg = none (hide general header)
  • |hidet = none (hide technical header)


{{Subst:Infobox voicebank|srclink={{Subst:FULLPAGENAME}}}}

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